Hello - welcome to Stuart Roy's Home Page (running on his QNAP QTS 5.0 Web Server)


Amateur Radio - Callsigns M0SAR & G1IDE

Drone - Me droning on ... and on...

EARS - The Echelford Amateur Radio Society - I'm the treasurer and web-master for my sins!

Kite-flying - including a couple of videos, one of which may be of interest to the lads (ahem!)

Model Engineering - my model steam engine collection, plus my engineering workshop

Photography - including photos of my parachute jump, and my daughter's Burlesque dancing

Sailing - just a few photos

School - My old school photographs (black & white!), plus some digital photos taken at mini-reunion in February 2002

Whisky Tasting - I suddenly felt the need to write about my whisky tasting experiences


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