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For the time being, there are just some links to items which may be of interest to you.  I'll pad the site out a bit when I have more time.


Tudor Road Infants School

Who's this little cherub? (557 Kb)

Nativity photo (1 Mb) - believed to be 4th year - would therefore have been Christmas 1957

If you can put any names to faces in the photograph, please e-mail me.


Tudor Road Junior School

The cherub grew up a little! (506 Kb)


Our School Trip to Dawlish, Devon, in May 1962

Cricket Team (108 Kb) - I know all the names, apart from the chap on the left in the rear row - possibly Michael Green? The rest are:-

Back Row (L-R) Neil Aldridge, Robert Robinson, Colin Stevens, Alex Fish

Front Row (L-R) Howard Biggs, Tony Butler (head boy), Nobby Connell, John Radley, Clive Welsh, Patrick Dunn

 Netball Team (147 Kb) - A note on the back of my print says we won 24-12.  Well done, girls - but who are they?  The one nearest the camera is Marian Briden, and Mrs. Jones is on the side-line to the left.

Pauline Coker & Clive Welsh (72 Kb) - I've been in contact with Pauline via FriendsReunited - Pauline says that Clive was the light of her life, when aged 10!

Widdecombe-in-the-moor (65 Kb) - Can you spot Mrs. Fuller?  Can you name any others - other than those two in the front!?


Southall Grammar-Technical School - 1962-1968

Still as handsome as ever! (257 Kb) - I believe this was taken in 1963.


SGTS Reunion - 23rd Feb 2002 at The Plough, Norwood Green

Steve Reed & John Futter (459 Kb) in The Grapes at Hayes before the main reunion

David Weston at The Plough (409 Kb)

Graham Haigh & Neil Aldridge (193 Kb)

Dick Paines (an actor, now known as Richard Foxton), Sandie Wheeler and Eileen Moore (555 Kb)

Danny Rose (291 Kb)

Paul Stanborough, photographer! (469 Kb)


That's all for now, folks.


- Stuart.